Takes me Back

I just completed and posted another eleven Junk Journals. I am especially fond of a few in this set. They are just so fantastic (even if I have to say so myself 😊). As I make each one, I am taken back to a time when life didn’t seem so hard. Now that I’m older, I notice the beautiful pages; the gorgeous illustrations, the clever … Continue reading Takes me Back

Red Transferware China!? OH MY!

I just listed some gorgeous pieces today. Several of which are Red Transferware China and I am officially obsessed! It’s August, so it’s safe to start thinking about our Christmas tables, right!? I mean, think of how gorgeous a Christmas table will be with a bunch of this China!? I’d love it even more if each piece was different, but I am sucker for the … Continue reading Red Transferware China!? OH MY!

Culver Glass Set

You guys!!!!  I came upon this beautiful set at an Estate Sale last week.  It caught my eye because the glasses had a raised gold pattern on them, so I picked them up without thinking twice about it. In typical fashion, I brought them home and did some research, which was easy to do because they were marked “Culver”… I found that they are highly … Continue reading Culver Glass Set

So You Have a Booth in a Craft Fair? Now What!?

This entry is for those of you that have committed to having a Booth in a Craft Fair and are now thinking: “What do I do now?” Congratulations you Crafty person, you!  You are going to LOVE it, and just so you know, you are at risk of becoming HOOKED to Craft Fairs and Bazaars! And, if by chance you are looking for a Craft … Continue reading So You Have a Booth in a Craft Fair? Now What!?

Craft Fair – Vendors Wanted

  I am excited to announce a Craft Fair that I will be having at my church on Saturday, June 24th.  The booth cost will be low, so be sure to register while you can! If you are interested, please email me at info@abcchurch.com for more information.  I am looking for handmade, upcycled, vintage and antique vendors.  Think of it as Etsy in person!  Can’t … Continue reading Craft Fair – Vendors Wanted

Obsession with Vintage Dishes

Last April, we completed our kitchen remodel. I love my new kitchen. We decided on white shaker cabinets, a gray island, and gray granite counter tops. I ended up choosing a light blue (almost turquoise, but not quite) penny round tile as the backsplash and it did not disappoint. It gives so much character to the room.  There is a definite retro feel.  When you add … Continue reading Obsession with Vintage Dishes

I ❤ Auction Day!

Finding treasures is one of my most favorite things to do. Thrift shopping, estate sales, garage sales…you name it! But, my favorite is the auction. I just love everything about it. The auctioneer shouting out numbers at rapid speed, the people gathered all around, the treasures…fun, fun, fun! Today’s auction had an extra dose of fun because my sister and I went together! She loves … Continue reading I ❤ Auction Day!